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What is the ONEWHEEL?

The Onewheel is a revolutionary one-wheel electric skateboard. Straight from California and invented by Future Motion, this skateboard is not only all-terrain thanks to its wide, sturdy tire, but you don't need a remote control to ride it! Hands-free, this jewel of technology takes you on any terrain: asphalt and bike paths, forest tracks and even wet sand at low tide. Whether you're going for a short ride or a long one. With a onewheel, you enter the world of the coolest electric vehicle. Forget the handlebars of electric scooters and bikes.

The onewheel is equipped with a brushless motor built into the wheel. It guarantees long life, absolute control and optimum performance. It features a self-stabilizing system (gyroscopic technology) that guarantees perfect balance and easy, safe movement. Intuitive control of your Onewheel is achieved by a simple transfer of weight and pressure. You control braking at all times. Depending on the model, you can reach a maximum speed of 32km/h.

The sensations you experience with Onewheel are similar to those of a great day's snowboarding in the mountains, or a good surfing session with friends. It's a unique and exceptional product, a cool and fun electric vehicle dedicated to adventure. The Onewheel offers unique sensations that set it apart from electric scooters, solowheels, electric skateboards and hoverboards. At your own pace, you're in total control of your board, as if by magic, without the need for a remote control... A city outing or a sportier adventure in the woods? Ride On Experience offers you the Onewheel that's right for you: Pint, Pint X and GT, the choice is yours.

Comparison of the different features
of Onewheel Pint, Pint X and GT

AutonomyMaximum speedCharging timeRiding modesMaximum weightMaghandle includedConcave footpadsWeight of the boardSimple stopPrice
10-13 km25,7 Km/h120/50 min*4110 kgClassic Dark GreyNo10,45 kgYes1275 €
19-29 km29 Km/h225/110 min*4125 kgClassic Dark GreyNo12,25 kgYes1750 €
32-52 km32 Km/h200/90 min*6 + custom150 kgPro metal Dark greyYes15,80 kgYes2650€ (smooth tire) 2700€ (notched tire)
* estimated charging time with the Hypercharger or Ultracharger fast charger depending on the model.

Customize the onewheel of your dreams

Create the Onewheel that suits you! This skateboard is not only a board with an all-terrain wheel. You also have the possibility to customize your new board according to your desires. Choose your model between the Pint, the GT and the Pint X. The accessories are available in 16 original colors.

Let your creativity flow.

Want to see the OneWheel in a store?

You want to know more about this new means of locomotion or simply need an improvement? Come and meet us in Paris! Our team is located at 34 Rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris. You will discover our whole universe, from boards to accessories.

We are also present at 2 Ter Avenue des Chênes, in Lège Cap Ferret, in Gironde (33), to make you discover all the Onewheel range and also to make you pilot this jewel of technology.

Wherever you are, beginner or not, you will have the chance to benefit from the best advice of our team members. Top speed, braking system, battery life? We will answer all your questions. We will give you our best tips for riding a Onewheel and show you our spots. This is your chance to see with your own eyes each of the accessories and protections that come with your Onewheel.

It's also a great way to choose your customization. Pick, test, compare and leave with the fender of the color that caught your eye the most and the footpad that seems to fit your foot. Packages are also available in the shop, go for it!

Discover our stores
Freetest everywhere in France

Buying a Onewheel means taking a step forward. We offer you to test the Onewheel for free with our ambassadors all over France. You have the opportunity to test for free before you take the plunge!

Quick and easy, how does it work?

  • Choose the ambassador near you and send your request via the form at the bottom of the page.
  • We put you in touch to offer you a free 30-minute test service to discover the Onewheel.
  • Our ambassadors are passionate, schedule a trial according to your availability and theirs.
  • All you have to do is dream about your future wrinkles in Onewheel.
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How to keep your Onewheel forever?

Once you have the Onewheel under your feet, you won't be able to do without it! Adopt the right gestures to ride endlessly!

Here are a few tips on how to do this. First of all, your playground is important! You can go anywhere, but we recommend avoiding excess moisture. We recommend avoiding puddles and avoiding contact with salt water while riding on the beach. The Onewheel is part of the big family of board sports, but it's not a surf!

To keep your Onewheel looking like new, you can use a simple cloth to remove dust and debris. Avoid sponges or other utensils with water near the charging port and the grip. To keep your grip clean and grippy, you can brush it with a stiff brush or with Grip Tape Eraser, a rubber specially designed to clean skateboard grips.

And finally, it is recommended to store your Onewheel with a little bit of battery, especially if you plan to leave it aside for a while. Also, a room with room temperature to store the battery is ideal!

Our Ride On ExpErience community
has a blast on Onewheel...

Ride On is a big family and we love to showcase your creations. You are the best to show the Onewheel to others. The experience is also about you and your content. Do you want to share a beautiful scenery during a ride in the forest? You want to show the new design of your customized Onewheel?