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ESsential pack


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Onewheel Pint (Slate or Sand color)

Home Charger Pint

Fender Pint

Rail Guards Pint

Load Plug Pint


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Onewheel Pint (Slate or Sand color)

Home Charger Pint

Fender Pint

Rail Guards Pint

Load Plug Pint

Bumpers Pint

Ultracharger Pint


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Onewheel Pint (Slate or Sand color)

Home Charger Pint

Fender Carbon Pint

Rail Guards Pint

Load Plug Pint

Bumpers Pint

Ultracharger Pint

Maghandle Pro

The OneWheel Pint, A pocket size for your daily travels

With only 70 cm length, the size of Onewheel Pint is ideal for all your daily trips. Slip it under your seat in the train and under your office chair: as long as it is with you, you are sure to arrive at your destination with a smile. Want to learn more and compare the different skateboards available? Check out our Onewheels comparison.

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"The Pint is an easy-to-handle one-wheeler that's perfect for the city! A dose of fun for all my commutes, a feeling of freedom on a daily basis."


An urban wrinkle format

Onewheel Pint is a real urban commuter. No bigger than 25 cm wide and 70 cm long, you can easily go back and forth to the office daily. At only 10kg, you can carry it without any constraint. Its integrated handle will help you a lot!

Perfect autonomy for your daily commute

Ranging from 10 to 13 km of autonomy, you have enough to go to work, go shopping and return home quietly. The light bar shows you the remaining battery level, no need to take out your smartphone. How about a little trip to the forest on the weekend? For a longer autonomy, opt for the big brother, the One Wheel Pint X.

Flawless maneuverability

The finish and design are designed for easy turning. Onewheel Pint is designed for the city and its shortcomings: small sidewalks, curvy roads, etc. Nothing can stop you. With its bi-directional LED lights, maneuver without the risk of not being seen!

Customize the onewheel of your dreams

The Onewheel Pint has many accessories. It is available in 16 colors. Enjoy our selection to create the Onewheel Pint that suits you!

Let your creativity flow.

The ideal playground

Onewheel Pint is the ideal Onewheel for urban commuting. Your daily commute in the city will become the perfect playground for you and your new favorite means of transportation

If you want to go off the beaten track, you can venture to forest roads outside the city, to discover even sportier riding sensation and enjoy the nature without denaturing it. Also check out the Onewheel GT, the best all-terrain electric skateboard ever.

Connected Board

Connect your Onewheel Pint to the Onewheel app and control different riding modes, your battery, navigation data, share your session and more!

Redwood mode
Even the tallest tree was once a sapling. sapling. Activate Redwood and get comfortable comfortable; its smooth profile and low top speed speed make it a casual choice.
Pacific Mode
Pacific is designed to take it easy in any situation. situation. Flexible and relaxed, Pacific combines high levels of carving with the power the power you need.
Elevated Mode
Raise your nose with Elevated to climb and ride in a park.
Skyline mode
Take off like a rocket with Skyline. Responsive and hard-hitting, Skyline offers the ultimate experience for maximum riding.

More technique

Simple Stop

This technology makes it easier to stop while learning. Simple stop is enabled by default, but can be disabled at any time. Stop your all-terrain electric skateboard with a simple reverse instead of disconnecting your front foot from the sensor.


The Pushback warns you when you reach the maximum speed of your Onewheel, which is 25km/h. The electric skateboard then leans back slightly. The motor cuts off if you continue to accelerate after this warning. The Pushback also warns about the battery status. When it is discharged, this system also alerts you.


The lightbar is a light bar. It is located on the front footpad. It indicates the position of the rider on the board. It also informs about the battery level of the device. THE lightbar is displayed in blue when you start your onewheel to indicate that the connection is correct.

Integrated Maghandle

The maghandle is a reinforced plastic carrying handle. Its practicality allows you to carry your Onewheel everywhere with you. Attached to the center of the board, around the wheel, you can grab it and carry it horizontally. The novelty of the Onewheel Pint is that your maghandle is already integrated! Nothing to install, just enjoy it!

Hypercore engine

A latest generation engine with perfectly optimized power and torque.

Regenerative battery

When you ride, your battery is smart: it charges on the way down. This means that if you start riding downhill, you must be careful not to have your battery fully charged, or the pushback system will come in and lock out the motor.

Smart LEDs

Safety is a priority. Each Onewheel Pint is equipped with front and rear LEDs that adapt to your travel direction. White LEDs are activated when you are moving forward, and red LEDs are activated when you are moving backward. You will be visible in all circumstances!


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