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Use and handling

Does the Onewheel really work on all types of terrain?
Onewheel's magic works: you can go anywhere! The playgrounds of the Onewheel are as much urban as natural. Its versatility allows you to ride in the city, in the forest, on the sand at low tide. Be careful, your Onewheel is not a 4x4. It is important to avoid contact with salt water if you go to the beach, or puddles in the city and on off-road paths. It can withstand rain, but electrical components and water don't mix! You will find on our Instagram page several videos about riding the Onewheel.
How water resistant is the Onewheel?
It is important to inform you that the Onewheel is not waterproof! Future Motion specifies that it is Water Resistant, which clearly means that you can ride on wet roads or trails. But you should not play in puddles, not to put it in contact with any liquid, and certainly not with sea water. You should also refrain from using it when it rains!
Is it difficult to make Onewheel?
The practice of Onewheel may seem impressive, but this sliding sport is accessible to all! To be autonomous in Onewheel takes between 1 second to 20-25 minutes maximum, the great majority are autonomous in less than a quarter of an hour. It is therefore very simple and suitable for everyone (except for mobility problems and contraindications to the sport). For more advice on how to start using Onewheel, this video will help you a lot:
What is the maximum weight supported by the Onewheel?
The maximum weight allowed on the Onewheel is 125 kilos.
How to stop in Onewheel?
It is important to know how to handle your Onewheel before going on long sessions. There are 2 techniques to stop in Onewheel. When you start, you start to control your speed. If you want to stop not too far away, you start by decreasing your speed almost until you stop. Then you jump both feet off the board, front or back! The second technique comes with a little practice. You start by slowing down to a speed close to 0 km/h, then you will lift your heel off the front footpad. By lifting your heel, you will deactivate one of the 2 sensors of your footpad. Below 2 km/h, if one of the two parts of the footpad is deactivated, the motor of your Onewheel is cut. Don't hesitate to have a look at this video for your first steps in Onewheel:
Can I ride my Onewheel as soon as I receive it?
Votre Onewheel arrive généralement avec 30 % de batterie, donc il est possible de le rider dès réception oui ! Cependant, nous vous conseillons de faire une charge complète avant la première utilisation. Cela vous laissera le temps de télécharger l'application Onewheel, de bien lire le manuel d'utilisation et de vous préparer à rider en toute sécurité !
How to connect my Onewheel to the application?
Nothing could be simpler, the application is available on Android and iOS, is free, you just have to download it and the rest is very intuitive. It will allow you to collect a lot of information about your board; speed, route, settings and riding modes...
How long does it take to recharge the battery of my Onewheel?
The charging time of your Onewheel depends on both the model and its charger. The Onewheel+XR charges in 110 minutes with the home charger, and 60 minutes with the hyper charger. The Onewheel Pint and Pint X recharge in 120 minutes, and 50 minutes with the ultracharger. In case the battery is totally discharged, the time to reach 100% may increase.
Why does my Onewheel stand up (pushback)
When your Onewheel straightens up, this is called "pushback". It is a warning sign that you are reaching the maximum speed supported by the board's motor, or limited by the riding mode used. Indeed, the sequoia and cruz modes limit the maximum speed to 19km/h and 24km/h. If the rider picks up speed, he will encounter the "pusch back" effect which will warn him that he cannot go any faster. You should never try to fight your way past this safety point, as it may cause the rider to fall. The pushback is a safety feature, it allows you to set limits to the speed of your Onewheel and gives you a sensory warning.
What is the minimum age to ride Onewheel?
The Onewheel was created by an adult snowboarding fan, Mister Kyle Doerksen, for adults! We consider 12 years old as the minimum age to practice and own a Onewheel. For reasons of safety, weight and size, we advise you to respect this age limit.

After sales service

What if my Onewheel breaks down?
In case of after sales service, please contact our team directly from the contact page of our website.
What is the after sales service management at Ride On Experience?
We are there before, during and after your purchase. If you have any problem with your Onewheel, we do our best to provide you with quality after-sales service and are always available and responsive to any request. In full disclosure, the return rate is less than 2%, an acceptable rate considering the ruthless use of our products. In case of a breakdown, we establish a diagnosis of your board. We will then inform you if we can repair it in our workshop on site. If your failure requires a battery, motor or controller, Future Motion is the only one who can fix it. We will set up the repair procedure. The total repair time can take from 2 to 7 weeks depending on the time of year and the density of the goods flow.
Why doesn't anything happen when I'm on my Onewheel?
It is possible that once on your board, it does not react. This can be due to different factors: Your battery is empty: check your application You turn on your board by handling it. You will have to put it on the ground, without climbing on it, turn it off and turn it on again. The pressure on your footpad is too low. You probably tried to engage the movement a little too quickly. Try again slowly.
Why is my Onewheel blinking?
The flashing lights on your Onewheel correspond to the battery status. The closer together they are, the less battery power you have left. The flashing may also indicate an error message. For example, if you turn on your Onewheel without it being on the ground, the power button will blink to let you know that it is not properly turned on. Repeated flashing may indicate a problem with your board. In these cases, please contact our service team who will be able to help you.

Maintenance tip

Is there any specific maintenance to do on my Onewheel?
Yes, it is important to take care of your Onewheel by making sure that everything is working properly. We advise you to often check the pressure of its tire, making sure that it is not under-inflated or over-inflated. More specifically, Onewheel Pint and Onewheel Pint X bars: between 1 and 1.8 bars. It depends on the type of terrain you are going to ride. We advise you to inflate your tire less if you ride off-road, and conversely if you ride in the city. For more explanations, we invite you to watch our Youtube video on this subject: Also, via the Onewheel application, remember to keep an eye on the battery level and the power of your board in order to have the best performance/autonomy ratio. You should also be careful not to store the Onewheel fully discharged, like any battery, it would not be beneficial for it. Avoid storing it in a cold place. Future Motion has made sure that its product is easy to use to maximize the pleasure of using it!
Where can I find accessories for my Onewheel?
You can find all accessories and equipment for your Onewheel in the dedicated tab: accessories page 😃 Onewheel is a beautiful object that needs to be protected by official Onewheel accessories. Our Railguard, Fender, Bumper and Charger Plug will take care of pimpin' your board and limit the hits! All our accessories are also available in our stores! Come and customize your Onewheel directly in our shop in Paris or in Lège-Cap-Ferret.

General terms and conditions of sale

Is my payment secure on your site?
La sécurité de vos données personnelles et la qualité de votre expérience client sur notre site est notre priorité. Vos paiements et leurs données sont sécurisés à 100%. Nous travaillons avec les sociétés françaises de paiement en ligne Payplug et Alma, reconnues et notoires pour leur qualité de service et la sécurité des paiement effectués. Si vous avez des questions lors de votre paiement, nous restons disponibles par téléphone, e-mail, facebook, WhatsApp ou bien Instagram.
How can I pay in installments?
When you buy your Onewheel, we offer you different payment options. You can pay in one go or spread out your payment. To do so, we offer you the ALMA solution. Through our partner, you can pay in 3 to 4 times without any fees, and in 6 to 10 times. If you have any questions about your payment, we are available by phone, e-mail, facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.
Why does my online order fail during checkout?
It is possible that your payment fails during your order, here are the causes: - The possibility that your ceiling blocks the payment. You just have to contact your bank to inform them of your wish. They will be able to adjust your limit temporarily in order to proceed with the payment. - An error on the information of your card details, be careful with the numbers! - The purchase is not possible because you have reached your monthly limit or your overdraft for the month.If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution together!
Where can I test the Onewheel before buying it?
We want you to be able to try the Onewheel and discover its sensations if you are in a serious acquisition process. We have developed a network of ambassadors to offer you a premium test service all over France. Find them near you: Lège-Cap-Ferret, Bordeaux, Paris, Lille, Anglet, Toulouse, Montpellier, and many other cities you can find right here: !
What is the product return policy?
You have 14 days to request a refund. This is your right of withdrawal. This request must be made by e-mail to The refund can only be made against the return of an intact product, in new condition. As such, the payment will be made after receipt of the returned product.

Sécurité / législation

How to insure my Onewheel?
L’utilisation d’un Onewheel est soumis à l’obligation d’assurance à la suite la publication d’un décret au Journal officiel du 25 octobre 2019, réglementant l’utilisation des EDPM ( engins de déplacement personnel motorisé, comprenant le Onewheel ) autour de quatre points majeurs : être âgés d’au moins 12 ans ; ne pas transporter un autre passager ; ne pas circuler sur le trottoir (sauf si les maires l’autorisent) ; ne pas dépasser la vitesse maximale autorisée de 25 km/h. Rouler et rider l’esprit tranquille avec votre board et ce, peu importe le modèle de votre Onewheel : Pint, Pint X, +XR ou GT. Nous vous invitons à consulter la page de notre partenaire Mobin, spécialiste des assurance mobilités et les différentes formules proposées, de la responsabilité au garantie corporelle et même le vol. Nous sommes fiers de pouvoir compter sur l’expertise de Mobin et ses garanties conçus par et pour les utilisateurs / riders. Approuvé par Ride On Experience. Lien : Lien loi EDPM : Ride Safe !
What safety equipment is needed to ride a Onewheel?
Le Onewheel est une boardsport, toute activité/sport et sa pratique présentent des risques. C’est pour cela que nous recommandons de toujours porter un casque (certifié CE) ainsi que des protège-poignets. Surtout lorsque vous allez avoir une pratique plus intense et plus rapide, sur des chemins off road où les trous et autres déformations ne sont pas forcément visibles. Également si vous tentez des figures/tricks ou quand vous allez rider à plusieurs. Pour résumer, protégez-vous en circonstance de votre pratique ! Soyez prudents et respectueux des autres usagers, piétons, vélos,…. Et par expérience, ne cherchez pas à atteindre des records de vitesse cela reviendrait à atteindre les limites de votre board, limites que vous rencontrerez le plus souvent à votre détriment, se soldant le plus souvent par une belle chute. Please ride safe !
Quelle législation pour les EDPM (gyroroue, gyropode, skateboard électrique, trottinette électrique, Onewheel...) en France ?
Les règles pour les EDPM sont essentiellement les mêmes que celles applicables aux vélos, avec certaines spécificités. Règles générales :- Les conducteurs d’EDPM doivent adopter un comportement prudent, tant pour leur propre sécurité que celle des autres.- Comme pour les vélos, il est interdit de conduire sous l’influence de l’alcool ou après usage de stupéfiants.- La conduite d’un EDPM est interdite à toute personne de moins de 12 ans. - Il est interdit d’être à plusieurs sur l’engin : l’usage est exclusivement personnel. - Il est interdit de porter à l'oreille des écouteurs ou tout appareil susceptible d’émettre du son, ou d’utiliser le téléphone tenu en main. - L’assurance de l'EDPM est obligatoire parce qu'il est considéré comme un véhicule terrestre à moteur par le code des assurances, y compris dans le cas d'un service de location d'EDPM en libre service (free-floating). C'est toujours le propriétaire de l'EDPM qui doit souscrire l'assurance obligatoire. - Il est interdit de circuler sur le trottoir. Sinon l'EDPM doit être tenu à la main. - En agglomération, il est obligatoire de circuler sur les pistes et bandes cyclables lorsqu’il y en a. A défaut, les EDPM peuvent circuler sur les routes dont la vitesse maximale autorisée est inférieure ou égale à 50 km/h. - Hors agglomération, leur circulation n'est autorisée que sur les voies vertes et les pistes cyclables. - Comme pour les vélos, les EDPM ont également la possibilité de se garer sur les trottoirs. Leurs conducteurs sont invités à ne pas gêner la circulation des piétons et d’assurer leur sécurité. Dérogations Sous certaines conditions, l'autorité investie du pouvoir de police pourra accorder des dérogations aux règles générales de circulation en : - autorisant la circulation des EDPM sur les trottoirs à condition de respecter l'allure du pas et de ne pas occasionner de gêne pour les piétons ; - autorisant la circulation des EDPM sur certaines routes hors agglomération où la vitesse maximale autorisée est inférieure ou égale à 80 km/ h.Plus d'information sur :'un%20EDPM,le%20t%C3%A9l%C3%A9phone%20tenu%20en%20main.