Ride On Experience Contractual Relationship Policy

1. Introduction

At Ride On Experience, we are committed to providing high quality Onewheel repair and maintenance services. This policy aims to define the terms of our contractual relationship with our customers to ensure transparency, trust and mutual satisfaction.

2. Formation of the Contract

A contract with Ride On Experience is formed when the customer accepts our quotation and entrusts his Onewheel to us for repair or maintenance. This contract is governed by the terms of this policy and all applicable laws.

3. Customer's obligations

  • Communication: The customer undertakes to provide accurate and complete information concerning the condition of his Onewheel.
  • Compliance with Terms: The customer must comply with the terms of the contract, including payment deadlines and repair specifications.

4. Our commitments

  • Service Quality: We are committed to providing industry-standard repair and maintenance services.
  • Transparency: All information concerning costs, deadlines and repair details will be communicated clearly and honestly.

5. Warranty and liability

  • Warranty: Repairs are guaranteed for a specified period. This warranty covers repair defects subject to normal use of the Onewheel.
  • Limitation of Liability: Our liability is limited to the services provided and does not cover damage resulting from improper use or unauthorized modifications of the Onewheel.

6. Modification and Cancellation of the Service

  • Modification: The customer may request modifications to the service, subject to our agreement and possible price adjustments.
  • Cancellation: In the event of cancellation by the customer, charges may apply depending on the progress of the work.

7. Conflict Resolution

Any dispute must first be submitted to an attempt at amicable resolution. In the event of an unresolved dispute, the competent courts will be those of the location of Ride On Experience's registered office.

8. Mutual Respect

We expect our customers to treat our staff and our company with respect. Denigration or abusive behavior may result in the termination of our services.

9. Modification of the Policy

Ride On Experience reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Changes will be effective upon posting on our website.