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Onewheel GT,
smooth or notched tires (+75€)

Home Charger GT

Fender GT

Rail Guards GT

Charger Plug GT

freeride pack

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Onewheel GT,
smooth or notched tires (+75€)

Home Charger GT

Fender GT

Rail Guards GT

GT Bumpers

Onewheel Portable Pump

Charger Plug GT

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Onewheel GT,
smooth or notched tires (+75€)

Home Charger GT

Fender Carbon GT

Rail Guards GT

GT Bumpers

Hypercharger GT

GT booth

Charger Plug GT

The OneWheel GT, adventure WITHOUT LIMITS

The Onewheel GT will accompany you on all your everyday adventures! If you're looking for a unique electric riding experience, the Onewheel GT is for you. Whether you want to explore the city or go for an off-road session, it will take you wherever you want to go, in complete safety. It's rugged, long-range and easy to handle. Even more impressive than its predecessors, this all-terrain electric skate enhances performance at every level. It's one of the top-of-the-range Onewheel models made in California by Future Motion, like the Onewheel Pint or the Onewheel Pint X. The GT is the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, elegance and thrills. Get ready to push the limits of gliding with the Onewheel GT and join the electric mobility revolution today.

#UltimeAventure #ToutTerrain #RiderSansLimite

"I crossed France from Dunkerque to Perpignan in 7 days, 1300km with the Onewheel GT, this board is clearly an exceptional ally for all adventures!"


Concave footpads

Comfort and control now go hand in hand with the new concave front and rear footpads of the Onewheel GT. The new model is designed for long and comfortable sessions and has a thick grip grain perfect for your off-road adventures. The concave footpad allows you to have better support on your board, without effort for your feet. And what's better than a footpad that lets you carve with ease?

Up to 52 km of autonomy

You will end up exhausted before your Onewheel GT! The latest generation 21700 batteries offer optimal performance during the whole charge time, so you can go to the end of your adventures. With such a high performance battery, the voltage is higher, giving you more power and dynamism during your sessions. Imagine... up to 52 km on one charge, now you can ride all day without recharging!

A power never seen before

A leap forward in Onewheel's performance. With its 3 horsepower motor underfoot, the Onewheel GT offers incredibly smooth power and torque allowing you to climb on anything and powerful braking. The board's control system has been totally redesigned and uses a higher voltage for improved dynamic performance at all speeds. And who doesn't like more tension?

Onewheel Pint and Pint X and GT

Customize the onewheel of your dreams

 Onewheel GT is fully customizable with all official Onewheel accessories: Fender, Bumpers, Rail Guards, Maghandle Pro... Each accessory is available in a wide range of colors, so you can create the Onewheel GT that looks like you. Let your creativity express itself!

The ideal playground

You'll see it for yourself, but the Onewheel GT simply offers the most beautiful riding experience on the planet
no matter what your playground is. The GT is perfect for exploring off-road trails, moving around the city, running errands and accompanying you on your daily adventures. Onewheel GT is designed to be intuitive. Anyone can learn the basics in minutes. Once you start riding regularly, you'll have plenty to challenge yourself on forest trails, hard sand, up/down the mountain or even in the city! The ideal playground with the Onewheel GT is up to you...

Digital Shaping 3.0

Sync your GT with the Onewheel app available on Android and Apple Store to customize your riding experience. Digital Shaping 3.0 gives you the ultimate in performance, comfort and control.

Inspired by surfboard shapers creating different boards for different types of riding, Digital Shaping 3.0 offers a full range of riding modes selectable from your smartphone to control different riding modes, your battery, your navigation data, share your session and much more!

The Onewheel GT has 6 basic riding modes and a custom mode to control your board to your liking.

Bay Mode
Select the Bay mode and get comfortable, its soft profile and 19km/h top speed allows a smooth learning of your Onewheel GT.
Roam mode
Enjoy the fresh air and go cruising in Roams mode. This versatile mode is fun, fast 29km/h and easy to handle while saving on your battery.
Flow mode
Ride at full speed? Flow combines high responsiveness for easy carving with smooth but powerful engine torque to help you enjoy the 32km/h top speed of your GT.
Highline mode
Responsive and punchy, Highline offers the the ultimate riding experience for maximum versatility in any terrain. You'll appreciate the power and 32km/h top speed of this mode used by many riders.
Elevated Mode
Elevated as its name suggests, raises the front of your board to help you climb the peaks or perform your best tricks in the skatepark or module! Also the max speed is unlocked and can allow you to reach 32km/h.
Apex mode
Raw, aggressive and hyper-reactive, the Apex unlocks the full power of the Onewheel GT engine! Are you ready for take off? More energy consuming mode than the previous ones and max speed 32km/h.
Custom Mode
Softer? More aggressive? More reactive? Select different settings from your smartphone and customize your riding style!

More features

No Remote Control Required

All Onewheel models are equipped with self-stabilization system, the balance is effortless, lean forward to move forward, lean backward to slow down, it is as simple as that.


Onewheel GT's new Simplestop technology makes it easy for you to get off the board. Stop slowly, then back up and the Onewheel GT gently sets you down. Stopping is a breeze.

Long Life Battery

The NMC battery system with the latest generation 21700 cells can provide you with 32 to 52 km of autonomy on a single charge! There is no limit to the adventure.

* The autonomy of the Onewheel depends on several factors such as the weight of the user, the way you use it, the average speed during your outings, the pressure of the tire, the playing field on which you practice, the outside temperature...

Hypercore engine

A last generation engine with perfectly optimized power and torque that will accompany you in all your adventures! Discover the technology of the Hypercore motor, 750W of power, max peak 3kW, more powerful, smoother and quieter. The engine is equipped with the "Regenerative Braking" technology that allows you to recharge the battery on the way down! Maximum speed of 32 km/h.

Maghandle Pro

Your Onewheel GT is equipped with a reinforced aluminum handle with a rubber grip and allows you to easily carry your Onewheel with you. The original handle is black in color. The handle is magnetically locked flush to the wheel when not in use.

Custom Tire

A profile optimized for carving and providing the best gliding sensations. Choose a slick tire with a soft rubber for more versatility, or a notched tire with a stiffer rubber for off-roading. Either way, you'll get a great feeling. You'll feel like you're riding in fresh powder during each of your sessions!

Intelligent Led Lighting

Safety is a priority. The new Onewheel GT is equipped with intuitive front and rear LEDs that adapt to your direction of travel. You will be visible in all circumstances! The bonus, 300% more lumens than the previous models, for a maximum brightness, everything is thought to ride stylish and safe.

Charging time

With the classic Home Charger that comes as standard, charge from 0 to 100% in 200 minutes. And only 90 minutes for a full charge with the Hyper Charger.

Footpads Concave

A considerable technological advance with the new concave front and rear footpads that ensure better comfort and total control of your board.

New Grip

Your shoes will stick to the board with this thick-grained grip, designed to last.

Light Bar

The Onewheel GT is equipped with a light bar integrated in the front footpad to indicate the proper functioning of pressure sensors, battery monitoring or alerts during your session.

Digital Shaping 3.0

More fluid? More aggressive? Select different riding modes from your smartphone with Digital Shaping 3.0 in the Onewheel app and control your board according to your desires.

Pushback and beep

Pushback is a safety system present on all Onewheel models. Like all elements, Onewheel GT has its limits. If you try to go too fast, above the maximum speed, go down a very steep slope or ride with a low battery, your Onewheel GT will activate the "Pushback". At that moment, the Onewheel will lean back slightly and the nose of the board will lift up to warn you and slow you down. When the pushback starts, always lean back to brake and slow down, never lean forward when the pushback starts. Disregarding the pushback by leaning back to slow down may cause you to lose control and fall. Also, the Onewheel GT has an audible warning if you push the board beyond its limits.


Onewheel GT measures 24.1 x 29.2 x 74.9 (cm) with a weight of 15.8 kg. It can easily support up to 150 kg and can carry you anywhere.


Our Ride On ExpErience community
has a great time in Onewheel GT...

No sooner tested than adopted, here are some shots of your best rides. Don't hesitate to send us yours, we can't wait to see your creations and your exploits with the Onewheel GT. Grab your board and go for an adventure!