GT Bumpers


Protect your board with colored bumpers.


Your Onewheel GT is designed to be hardworking, the bumpers give you optimal protection and unique style for your rides.

Bumpers are protective bumpers located underneath the front and back of your board.

The black bumpers that were initially installed can become damaged with the amount of wrinkles. A pair is then highly recommended to avoid damaging the battery and other components!


Available in a wide range of colors, they will perfectly suit your desires. 


  • Protect your Onewheel GT
  • Customize your Onewheel GT
  • Easy to install, sold in pairs (x2) with screws and allen key
Frequently asked questions

Q: Should I worry if my bumpers are scratched?
A: No! That's their job! They take a beating so the rest of your board doesn't have to.

Q: How often should I replace my bumpers?
A: It's a good idea to change your bumpers when the plastic wears down significantly just before it reaches the rails and/or screws. In general, you will need to change your bumpers between 1 and 2 years of practice, but some people like to keep them fresher than others and it also allows you to give your board a new look.

What's in my order
  • 1x GT bumper set (2 pieces) Installation tool and screws
  • Onewheel GT
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