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The Onewheel, A new sliding sport

Do you dream of an electric experience with unique sliding sensations? Onewheel has made it for you. This all-terrain electric skateboard is the ideal companion for all your travels. Its Hypercore motor can take you anywhere, anytime and on any playground. Equipped with a self-stabilization system, the control of your board is intuitive and easy by simple transfer of weight and support. A quick trip around town, a ride with friends or an off-road adventure? At Ride On Experience, you'll find the Onewheel that suits you. Discover our little wonders with the Pint, Pint X and GT models.


Ride On Experience is the specialist of the Onewheel in France. We are Official Reseller of this splendid all terrain electric skateboard in France and Europe since 2016. And because this pleasure is not kept for oneself, we are dedicated to make you discover our passion 100% Onewheel.

Our team is composed of passionate people. They all want to share the unique sensations of this new generation of electric locomotion. No need to be a pro rider to have fun, this board is so intuitive that 30 minutes are enough to be autonomous. The Onewheel is simply the most accessible sliding sport. Ready to ride?

All our offers are available on the site and in our stores in Paris and Lège Cap Ferret. We have a team of experts dedicated to customer service. We also have several schools to learn to ride with our coaches as well as ambassadors all over France to allow you to try for free, wherever you are.

Customize the onewheel of your dreams

Create the Onewheel that suits you! This skateboard is not only a board with an all-terrain wheel. You also have the possibility to customize your new board according to your desires. Choose your model between the Pint, the GT and the Pint X. The accessories are available in a multitude of original colors.

Let your creativity flow.

Discover our Onewheel schools

Our Onewheel schools offer you the possibility to test this unique sensation of sliding by yourself. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, we offer introductory and discovery sessions for all ages and levels. A spot, a time slot, a coach, a Onewheel and off you go! From 10 to 90 years old, everyone has the profile to enjoy the unique sensation of Onewheel! The opportunity to have fun in nature without damaging it.

Visit the Ride On Experience stores

Come and discover the Ride On Experience shop in Paris. The only store in the world 100% dedicated to Onewheel is in France! Dive into our universe. Pint, Pint X, GT, accessories, textile, security, advices and good mood, Thibault and Anice are waiting for you at 34 rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris. We are always happy to meet Onewheel community members.

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Ride On is a big family and we love to showcase your creations. You are the best to show the Onewheel to others. The experience is also about you and your content. Do you want to share a beautiful scenery during a ride in the forest? You want to show the new design of your customized Onewheel?