Testing a onewheel

With our ambassadors

We offer you to test the Onewheel for free with our ambassadors all over France

Simple and fast, how does it work?

1 // Choose the ambassador near you and send your request via the form at the bottom of the page.

2 // We will put you in touch with a free 30-minute test ride to discover the Onewheel.

3 // Our ambassadors are passionate, schedule a test ride according to your availability and theirs.

4 // Now you can dream about your future Onewheel rides.

We are continuously looking to expand our ambassador network to be closer to all future riders! If you are already a member of Onewheel community, and you like to share your new passion, maybe you will be the next Ride On Ambassador in your area? Don't hesitate to contact us freetest@rideonexperience.com 🤘

The ambassadors

Paris and Lyon

"Hello, I'm Camil, and the Onewheel has been an integral part of my life for two long years.
More than a passion, it's a tool, a means of transport, my ultimate
adventure companion! And we love adventure! So come on board with me and discover these unique gliding sensations, and let me share my best riding tips with you!"



"We are two passionate Onewheel, coming from the longboard I fell in love with this means of locomotion! Addicted to this magic board I also made Maëlle fall, literally and figuratively.

As Nathaniel said, it's a nice tackle but it's also him who made me discover this board which I now use in my daily commute to work and to ride as soon as possible"

Maëlle and Nathaniel


 » Hi 👋

I'm Constantin, 24 years old, freshly graduated engineer, pure product of the North and passionate about the Onewheel since my first meters 2 years ago.

I use it for everything: work / party / bar / supermarket / forest / snow / sand / competition (8th place in Belgium 😉 ).

I'd be delighted to show you this machine of the future and answer all your questions!"



"Until then, it was only in 4 wheels (van), in 2 wheels (ATV, any type of motorcycle) or on a board without wheel (snowboard) that we enjoyed. Because between us, only 1 wheel you are serene you?! But it was stronger than us, we had to try!

A detour to Lacanau for a key stage in the development of our van and it's the opportunity to test. Cruising on the bike paths, the beach at low tide and breathing the fresh air on the forest paths is too much, the OneWheel charmed us. "

Lucille and Eddy


"Hi, I'm Fabrice! I'm 39 years old and I'm passionate about new technology and sliding. Always looking for adventures, I discovered that I could combine my passions with the onewheel. 6 years ago, I started with the onewheel+ and today I never go out without my GT. I share this passion with my family and friends. I love riding with my 5-year-old son. I've always had a passion for sliding, and the Onewheel was a real revelation for me. I love the freedom and spontaneity it gives me. I can go riding at any time, with incredible autonomy and crazy sensations, in any season, without any preparation.


Bordeaux and Lège Cap Ferret

"Our team welcomes you all year round at our premises in Lège Cap Ferret or in Bordeaux for a discovery session in the forest or in town!"

La Rochelle

"We are Pierre and Samuel, co-managers of Beekom, our communication agency in La Rochelle for 5 years.
As we love to ride, we always have a skateboard, a longboard or... a onewheel in our office.
During the week, the onewheel has transformed our home/office trips. No more traffic jams and endless parking bills.

Now it is only pleasure and moreover it is ecological! On weekends, we go on outings; we really have a lot to do in the area!

Pierre and Samuel


"An anecdote? The question would be which one to choose, since riding this "thing" provokes reactions such as: "Is your thing electric?", "Did you make it?" or "Woooaahhhhh it looks like Marty McFly"!

In short, you will have understood, nobody remains indifferent to the onewheel! And I am so disappointed that when I become a pedestrian again, life seems slow... "



"Hello, I'm Philippe. Since I discovered this wonderful means of transport (which also changed my life) I ride every day on the trails of Saintes with my dog Thor who is also a very big fan. We also ride as a family, as we now have 3 onewheels at home.

I love beautiful curves and carving, which gives me the impression of snowboarding on asphalt, so I practice Onewheel as a board sport, alone or in a group, during Street or Offroad sessions. 

I'd be delighted to share my passion with you, and let you try out this extraordinary toy."



"Hello, I'm Luc. Whether practiced as a sport or used for daily commuting, riding a Onewheel is fast becoming a passion, if not a way of life. I've been a Onewheel enthusiast since 2020, and with my personal and leisure trips, I cover around 4,000 km a year. No more traffic jams and CO2 emissions, just fun and ecomobility... 6 months after buying my first board, I sold my car!"



"Hello, I'm Guillaume. I discovered the Onewheel by chance during a family surfing course in Cap Ferret, a revelation!!!! Finally, a fun way to get off the beaten track. Since then, we've bought 2 XRs, and we're having a blast riding it between the garrigue and the seaside. Every time a friend tries it out, it's impossible to get him off. To try it is to adopt it!!!"



"As a video professional, Mon Onewheel accompanies me on shoots for ever smoother, more immersive shots,

As an avid Longboard surfer, I was able to extend my surfing pleasure with the Onewheel.

More than just a beautiful object, it's a real lifestyle item, turning any moment of travel into a kiff.

I'd be delighted to show you around. "



"Hello, I'm Axel, 32, from Nancy.

 A former skateboarder for over 15 years, I discovered Onewheel thanks to Fabrice, Strasbourg's Onewheel ambassador. 

Whether you're riding on asphalt or off-road, the sensation is incredible, and you feel like you're floating on air in total freedom! 

I share this passion with my boys, who love it! I also have the pleasure of helping anyone who is intrigued by this unusual technology to try it out! 

For those who love new sensations! 

Let's go! " 



"Hi, I'm Mathis! I've had a passion for audiovisuals since I was a kid, and I'm currently a freelance videographer for companies.

The Onewheel is an integral part of my life, and I can't get rid of it! Whether it's to go shopping, post a parcel, meet up with friends, or just get some fresh air, I'm always on my Onewheel.

Based in Brive-la-Gaillarde, in the Corrèze region of France, I'd be delighted to help you discover and test this product, which brings so much to my daily life.




"Hello, I'm Lucas, I'm 25, I love the mountains, and I've been in love with the OneWheel for a few years now, so I decided to mix the two!

In the middle of nature, surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, in the heart of a gigantic nature reserve, there's no better place to ride a OneWheel, whether on concrete, dirt, pebbles or snow! As long as it's rolling, I won't stop!

And since I've been riding, my greatest pleasure has been sharing my passion for the OneWheel with everyone who's interested! To populate my valley with riders!"



 Hello, I'm Didier, 54 years old and passionate about board sports for more than 30 years🤙.

My daughters introduced me to the Onewheel more than 2 years ago and I'm hooked. More than a sport, it's now a passion for me, impossible to live without the Onewheel, so much so that I've just created my OnewheelguadeloupeFWI school.

I would welcome you with great pleasure to share my passion with you, during sessions in one of our many spots in Guadeloupe 🤙🤙🤙
Come and try the Onewheel adventure in Guadeloupe."


La Palmyre – Oléron

I've been surfing since the age of 13, and my life has always revolved around board sports and travel. I discovered the onewheel to rediscover those incomparable gliding sensations, with no weather restrictions: for all kinds of travel and pleasure.

Quickly accessible and instinctive, this fabulous machine won my family over, and now we ride together whenever we can. Out of passion, I made the onewheel my main activity, creating Crazy Ride L'expérience Onewheel to help people discover this unique activity. We now have all the models: Pint X, GT, GT-S: the choice is yours! 

I'll be happy to accompany you to some great spots in La Palmyre, between beach and forest 😉

Ludo «