Testing a onewheel

With our ambassadors

We offer you to test the Onewheel for free with our ambassadors all over France

Simple and fast, how does it work?

1 // Choose the ambassador near you and send your request via the form at the bottom of the page.

2 // We will put you in touch with a free 30-minute test ride to discover the Onewheel.

3 // Our ambassadors are passionate, schedule a test ride according to your availability and theirs.

4 // Now you can dream about your future Onewheel rides.

We are continuously looking to expand our ambassador network to be closer to all future riders! If you are already a member of Onewheel community, and you like to share your new passion, maybe you will be the next Ride On Ambassador in your area? Don't hesitate to contact us freetest@rideonexperience.com 🤘

The ambassadors


"The first day I received my Onewheel, after unwrapping it religiously, I went down to my residence to discover this new sensation and to train a little. I was such a fan that I rode it for 25 km in circles without being able to stop, smiling like a kid who just unwrapped the gift of his dreams!"



« Nos Onewheels ne nous quittent plus, le trajet le plus banal se transforme en session de ride ! Que ce soit pour aller chercher mon pain au choc, pour aller boire un coup en terrasse avec les potes, ou explorer la ville ! »

Anice & Thib


"Discovered by chance during a family surfing course in Cap Ferret, a revelation! Finally a fun machine to get off the beaten track. Since we bought 2 XR and we enjoy between scrubland and seaside. Each time a friend tries it, it's impossible to get it down. To try it is to adopt it !!! "



"We are two passionate Onewheel, coming from the longboard I fell in love with this means of locomotion! Addicted to this magic board I also made Maëlle fall, literally and figuratively.

As Nathaniel said, it's a nice tackle but it's also him who made me discover this board which I now use in my daily commute to work and to ride as soon as possible"

Maëlle and Nathaniel


"Until then, it was only in 4 wheels (van), in 2 wheels (ATV, any type of motorcycle) or on a board without wheel (snowboard) that we enjoyed. Because between us, only 1 wheel you are serene you?! But it was stronger than us, we had to try!

A detour to Lacanau for a key stage in the development of our van and it's the opportunity to test. Cruising on the bike paths, the beach at low tide and breathing the fresh air on the forest paths is too much, the OneWheel charmed us. "

Lucille and Eddy

Toulon & Ajacio

"I love anything that slides, rolls, skids.

So, as soon as I saw the Onewheel's LED, I knew we were going to have a great adventure. From the snowy mountains to the sandy beaches and the small hill roads, we have done a lot together!"



« Grand fan de sport de glisse depuis tout jeune, j’ai pratiqué ski, skate, roller et BMX avant de me mettre au onewheel. Mon autre passion c’est le handball que je pratique 4 fois par semaine !
Le onewheel est devenu mon unique moyen de transport dès que j’ai rejoint l’équipe Ride On Expérience. Les trajets de 1h15 de bus + tram se font maintenant en 25 minutes de kiff en onewheel, ça change tout !
Ce que je préfère c’est les rides nocturnes en revenant de mes entrainements avec la musique dans les oreilles, c’est un moment où on se sent un peu hors du temps ! »


La Rochelle

"We are Pierre and Samuel, co-managers of Beekom, our communication agency in La Rochelle for 5 years.
As we love to ride, we always have a skateboard, a longboard or... a onewheel in our office.
During the week, the onewheel has transformed our home/office trips. No more traffic jams and endless parking bills.

Now it is only pleasure and moreover it is ecological! On weekends, we go on outings; we really have a lot to do in the area!

Pierre and Samuel


"An anecdote? The question would be which one to choose, since riding this "thing" provokes reactions such as: "Is your thing electric?", "Did you make it?" or "Woooaahhhhh it looks like Marty McFly"!

In short, you will have understood, nobody remains indifferent to the onewheel! And I am so disappointed that when I become a pedestrian again, life seems slow... "



Salut, moi c’est Fabrice ! J’ai 39 ans et je suis passionné de nouvelles technologie et de glisse. Toujours à la recherche d’aventures. J’ai découvert que je pouvais réunir mes passions avec le onewheel. Il y a 6 ans, j’ai commencé avec le onewheel+ et aujourd’hui je ne sors plus sans mon GT. Je partage cette passion avec ma famille et mes amis. J’adore rider avec mon fils de 5 ans. Quand il pleut, je m’adonne à mes autres passions tel que les jeux vidéos, jeux de société et le cinéma. Passionné de glisse depuis toujours, le Onewheel à été une vraie révélation pour moi. Je l’utilise des que je peux, il est devenu une extension de mon corps. J’aime la liberté et la spontanéité qu’il m’offre, partir rider à tout instant, avec une autonomie incroyable et des sensations folles, et cela en toutes saisons ! »



"I tested for the first time the Onewheel in Bordeaux with Simon Puech in 2019! I was first surprised by my fast and surprising progress, but I was especially amazed by the gliding feeling the board gives!

I literally rode the whole day, and when I got back to the apartment, I already missed this feeling of lightness! After this stay, I went back to Rouen saying to myself "I need one"


Annecy - Courchevel

"I am a ski and snowboard instructor and I will be happy to share my passion with you and help you discover the Onewheel.

I discovered the Onewheel at the Outdoor Mix Festival in Embrun during initiation sessions. I immediately loved the simplicity of use and the sensations provided.
I just wanted to go for a long ride around the lake "