Onewheel GT S-Series

40 KM/Hmaximum speed
25-40 KMautonomy

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The best Onewheel ever invented! Delivery from Wednesday 03/04/2024 🤙


The new Onewheel GT S-Series is the ultimate performance-oriented off-road model.

It has been designed and developed with the best US riders to push the Onewheel experience to the limit. Power, agility and unrivalled sensations await you as you push back the limits of Onewheel adventure and exploration!

Equipped with a new "Factory Tuned" engine, the GT's entire architecture has been rethought. It's more powerful and has phenomenal torque! Voltage increased to 113V, i.e. 50% more than on the standard Onewheel GT, it will enable you to reach the maximum speed of 40km/h, guaranteeing you unrivalled stability on a Onewheel! And that's not all: new ultra-premium NSK bearings imported from Japan, new 25 to 40km battery with high-performance Molicell 21700 cells, new BMS... All the electronics have been completely modified and improved to make this the best Onewheel yet. It clearly redefines the rules of the game!

Handling is easy thanks to the board's state-of-the-art technology. The Onewheel GT S-Series is fitted with a new GT performance notched tire, featuring a wider, more stable tread than the original on the classic Onewheel GT. The compound is soft and comfortable, making it ideal for all-terrain riding. It also comes with new, thinner Lowboy Footpads, which improve board control with a 24.5mm kick at the rear, and enhance feel with their softer concave and rounded edges. Finally, the GT S-Series is lighter than the Onewheel GT!

The Onewheel GT S-Series also features two important innovations for the GT: Custom Shaping 3.0 thanks to the Onewheel mobile app, which allows riders to customize their ride mode to their desires, as well as the new safety update, the Haptic Buzz, which allows users to enjoy their board in complete safety!

All of these improvements mark a quantum leap forward compared to the Onewheel GT, with added control and smoothness, twice the torque at high speeds and unprecedented performance on climbs!

"The S-Series has the power and performance most Onewheel riders dreamed of but never thought possible. This is the first time we wanted to create a board for those who push the limits of the sport. It took us over a year of development and intensive testing with the best riders to get the result we were hoping for! Even casual riders will notice a huge difference in the board's capabilities and the confidence the Onewheel GT S-Series inspires." Kyle Doerksen, 10/27/2023, CEO and inventor of the Onewheel.

The GT S-Series pushes the limits of adventure, exploration and Onewheel riding!

Frequently asked questions

More technique
  • New "Hypercore Factory Tuned" motor: more powerful, smoother, quieter. Powered by new magnets and high-end technology.
  • Japanese Premium Bearing NSK: the world's smoothest Onewheel experience
  • 113V voltage! 50% more than previous models, breathtaking acceleration, incredible stability and limitless crossing capabilities
  • GT notched performance tire: a new profile, improved stability and a soft compound for optimum comfort
  • Max. speed: 40 km/h
  • S-Series NMC battery: Ultra-high power with 21700 cells and 113V voltage for maximum dynamic performance
  • Range: 25-40 km
  • Charging time: 150 minutes with the classic Home Charger / 80 minutes with the Hyper Charger
  • Weight: 14.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 24.1 x 29.2 x 73.7 (cm)
  • Reinforced aluminium carrying handle: Maghandle Pro included and mounted directly on the board
  • Maximum load : 150 kg
  • Self-stabilizing system, effortless balance
  • New S-Series Lowboy Footpads, designed with riders in mind for maximum comfort!
  • Large sensor area for better control
  • Intelligent LED lighting at the front and rear. They are reversed according to the direction of travel
  • "Regenerative Braking", the battery is recharged on the way down!
  • Custom Shaping 3.0: with the Onewheel mobile app, you can test different riding modes or customize your Onewheel easily: aggressiveness, handling, power and much more!
What's in my order
  • Onewheel GT S-Series
  • Home Charger GT S-Series (classic charger)
  • Black Maghandle Pro (carrying handle), installed directly on the board
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