Bumpers Pint X


Protective bumpers to protect your ride!


Bumpers are a protection to be placed on the front (nose) and the back (tail) of your board. 

Because your Onewheel Pint X is designed to be tough, the Bumpers guarantee a protection protection and a a whole new style during your ride.

After a lot of use, a replacement of these protections is very useful to avoid damaging your board and ride without fear.

Available in a wide range of colors according to your desires.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Should I worry if my bumpers are scratched?
A: No! That's their job! They take a beating so the rest of your board doesn't have to.

Q: How often should I replace my bumpers?
A: It's a good idea to change your bumpers when the plastic wears down to the screws. Most people like to change their bumpers about once a year, but some like to keep them fresher than others.

What's in my order
  • 1x Pint X bumper set (2 pieces), installation tool and screws
  • Pint X
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